Another purpose for this website is to allow you the opportunity to see the numerous ways art can impact and spark that healing process for anyone that has experienced extraordinary moments in life. Hopefully you will get connected with a resource that works for you. As our Moto goes, it's our desire you "Begin with a fresh start and Expose Your Art".

Who We Are

Expose Your Art was sparked at a time of conflict between the United States Military and terrorists that threatened the countries of Iraq and Afghanistan. I was a soldier on the front lines battling a war that would eventually take its toll on my mind and body. As I continued in the Army I began to experience symptoms that would later be diagnosed as Post Traumatic Stress and Traumatic Brain Injury. After receiving numerous therapies and medical treatments I received information about art therapy. What I thought was an art class turned out to be something extraordinary that would change my life entirely. The result? The amazing art you experience in this store. Most of the art was produced by me, but I have already been in collaboration with other service members and outstanding artists that desire for you to engage in their stories. I believe it is vital to connect our warriors and artists to their community, to build relationships and support for our wounded heroes. This is how we heal and thrive in a world that can be overwhelming. So I ask that as you browse and shop at Expose Your Art, know every piece of art was made from the heart and hands of someone with amazing will and talent.​

We believe everyone has an ability, an artistic side to their brain, and through those pathways we are able to heal mentally. Everyone has a gift, talent, or artistic ability, whether it is sculpting, painting, singing, journaling, poetry, or simply playing the spoons.  All of these abilities have been given to us for a reason, and we believe that reason is to heal the mind.

Begin with a fresh start and expose your art

The purpose for this website is to allow you the opportunity to see the numerous ways art can impact the lives of many and produce results for talents and skill that will awe and inspire. These gifts are worth interacting and engaging  with for your next project design, idea, or simply for the enjoyment and collection of extraordinary art. 

What We Believe

Company Profile

Founded: 2010

Owner: Isaac P. Torres

Areas of expertise:  Design, Creativity, Modeling, Digital, Painting, Drawing, and apparel.