Begin with a fresh start and Expose Your Art

Through all forms of art whether it is painting, singing, sculpting or playing an instrument, a healing process begins to take place. Expressing those inner turmoil’s through an individual’s talents pushes out those images and memories that block a person’s goals from becoming a reality. Through a variety of helpful artistic activities a stress free path to recovery can ignite. 

​My name is Isaac and I would like to invite you into my personal site. I'm an artist in the Colorado Springs area, here you will find my resume and portfolio. Yes, a little untraditional and out of the norm, but that is the way I see myself. I began my path down the artistic road while involved in art therapy in 2010. I had just returned from a deployment and after settling in a bit I began to experience a whirlwind of things, specifically in the trauma realm. As most everyone has come to recognize, our service members are suffering from PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) the result of multiple conflicts and multiple deployments weighing on the psyche of all who have faced this battle.

The purpose for this website is to allow you the opportunity to see the numerous ways art can impact and spark that healing process for anyone that has experienced PTSD. Hopefully you will get connected with a resource that works for you. As my Moto goes, it's my desire you Begin with a fresh start and Expose Your Art.

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Expose Your Art