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The Art Shop

Who I am

A network connecting service for the art community of Colorado Springs and the surrounding communities, as well as a virtual networking resource. The purpose for this website is to allow you the opportunity to see the numerous ways art can impact the lives of many and produce results for talents and skill that will awe and inspire. These gifts are worth interacting and engaging  with for your next project design, idea, or simply for the enjoyment and collection of extraordinary art. 

Isaac Torres is the imagination behind Expose Your Art. With experience in visual art as well as graphic and digital design, he brings a unique and personal style that will exhilarate and enhance any platform. Take a look at his gallery portfolio and contact him for additional information.

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Our shop offers a variety of art pieces from paintings, prints, drawings, sculptures, photographs and apparel. We even have a model builder who does the most excellent work in the modeling industry.


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