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Expose Your Art is a coffee bar with a twist, a place for relaxation and a place of healing.  Expose Your Art will redefine the typical idea of a coffee shop.  Imagine a place where art therapy becomes the center focus for those suffering from PTSD, Depression, Anxiety Disorder, or A-Socialism, to name a few.  As a soldier in the United States Army, I have seen and experienced first hand what these diagnoses weigh on a person’s life. I have found a therapy that I would like to share with others, it has shown in my life to diminish those traumatic images, fears, and uncertainty of a better future.  Expose Your Art will follow in the foot steps of art therapy, which I have discovered, draws out those struggles we all battle with deep down inside our mind, body and spirit.

Through all forms of art whether it is painting, singing, sculpting or playing a instrument, a healing process begins to take place. Expressing those inner turmoils through an individual’s talents pushes out those images and memories that block a person’s goals and successes from becoming a reality. Expose Your Art will bring together a variety of therapeutic artistic activities such as, Canvas Creations and a music platform.  WiFi will be made available throughout the building for those students, business men and women, children of all ages, and researchers in the Colorado Springs community. A soft sound of music will bring an over all comfort as people of all ages begin down a stress free path to recovery. Our desire is that you begin with a fresh start and Expose Your Art.


Begin with a fresh start and Expose Your Art

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Expose Your Art